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I am Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 5 years experience in treating survivors of trauma due to interpersonal violence. I believe in an integrated approach with a focus on the therapeutic relationship that infuses EMDR, IFS, and experiential modalities. This includes Equine Assisted Therapy, where horses act as co-therapists to help individuals better understand themselves and build a sense of internal trust and confidence. I provide individual equine therapy sessions tailored to each person's individual goals and needs. Sessions are typically weekly or bi-monthly. Group workshops will also be provided intermittently. Equine sessions are hosted at Bent Post Farm in Afton, VA with the assistance of Louise Goodling and her equines. If equine therapy does not sound like the right fit for you, then consider Charlottesville Empowerment: Counseling and Wellness Services, a group practice with which I am a part of. You can learn more about Louise Goodling or Charlottesville Empowerment under the "Other Resources" tab above. 


Services & Fees

  • Individual Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions (55 minutes)
    • $75 - $200 (based on income)
  • Equine Assisted Workshops and Groups​
    • $70 - $125 per day (based on income)
  • Telehealth & Office Based Therapy Sessions (55 minutes)​
    • $115 per session​
    • Sliding scale available for folks with yearly income less than $45,000
  • $120 flat fee for all in-take sessions (90 minutes)
  • 15-30 minute phone consultation available to potential new clients free of charge
  • Services available for anyone aged 14 and up

What to Expect:


To begin equine assisted therapy sessions we will first meet via video call to review in-take paperwork, collect some history, and determine what you are hoping to gain from equine assisted therapy. Our second session will take place out at the farm, where we will complete any lingering paperwork and introduce you to the space and animals. Everything will be done at your pace and the equines will be incorporated in various ways at different points during the course or your treatment. All interaction with the equines will be done on the ground, meaning there is no riding involved, and will span from them merely being present with us, to grooming, or leading. My hope for all client's is for their equine partner to become a resource that generates feelings of safety and trust through mutual connection and respect. 


Contact Me

If you have any questions or are interested in setting up an appointment email me at Please allow up to 3 business days unless otherwise noted for a response to your inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Tel: 434-278-0123

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